Money Struggles? Here Are 5 Ways To Become More Financially Sound

Not everybody can be brilliant with money! Some of us find it tougher than other to remain on the right track when it comes to our finances. Luckily, for those of us in sticky situations, there is help out there to support us. However, wouldn’t it be nice to avoid those horrible struggles altogether? If that’s something that interests you, then read on! These are five ways to become more financially sound. Check it out!

  1. Stay Out Of Debt

Your number one priority when trying to remain in good financial stead should be avoiding debt at all costs. If you can’t afford something, don’t plunge yourself into the red just to get it straightaway. The chances are that most of these purchases can wait. Sure, you may fancy a new £20,000 kitchen, but shouldn’t that wait until you’ve paid off the bathroom you had refitted only six months ago. Be patient and ensure that the finances are there before making any big purchases. This applies to little things, too. If you’ve got a big stack of energy bills to pay off at the end of this month but fancy that new designer handbag, hold off. Wait until your bills are paid to ensure that you don’t go into minus numbers beforehand! Never rely on an overdraft either – it isn’t free money! One day you will have to pay every last penny back to the bank!


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  1. Take Out A Loan Only When It Is Necessary

For those of us who simply can’t resist splashing the cash, taking out a loan may feel like a necessity – but it isn’t! Don’t be lured by lenders into thinking that taking out a loan is a good idea when you have enough to pay off already. Low-interest rates can look attractive, as can the promise of large sums of money. However, do you really need an additional bill to think about each money? If you’re struggling financially, plunging yourself into further debt by taking out a loan isn’t a great idea either. Sure, you’ve got bills to pay at the end of this month. But, do you really want to add more debt to that mounting pile? If you do take out a loan, try and avoid those dangerous payday-style loans and opt for something safer such as an installment loan. Installment loans operate in the same way as a mortgage. In fact, technically, a mortgage is an installment loan. Each month (or installment) you pay back some of the money you have borrowed over a course of a pre-agreement payment schedule. This is far safer than typical consumer loans that you may be tempted by!


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  1. Earn More Money

Another way to stay financially sound is quite simply to earn more money. If you’re earning more, you’re much less likely to find yourself in financial difficulty. So, why not start today? You won’t believe how many clever ways there are to make money! One of the best ways to do this is to find an additional stream of income. Those of us with multiple earners find our pockets far fuller at the end of each month. If you’ve got a traditionally 9-5 job and fancy doing a bit of work on the side to top up your bank balance, then why not consider a bar job? Many people think of this sort of work having unsociable hours. However, it is a great chance to meet new people and make friends on the job – not so unsociable now! Other alternatives for raising more cash include things such as freelance writing. Have you got a great grasp of the English language and think your skills could be used to earn yourself some additional cash? If so, then get online and find some writing opportunities. Either way, ensuring that you earn more money than what your main job lands you each month is a surefire way to financial security.


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  1. Keep Track Of Your Finances

Another top tip for steering clear of faulty finances is to keep track of them. If your bank supports online banking facilities, and let’s be honest, whose doesn’t these days? Then, sign up! If you can see everything that is going in and out of your account each month, then you are far likelier to become better with your spending habits. Certain apps for your smartphone will take your bank account’s data and show you the stores where you’re spending the most cash each month. Knowing this sort of vital information can really help you cut back if you think that you’re going a bit overboard! Alternatively, if you’ve never trusted the internet to keep your private information safe, then draw up a budget instead. If you prefer your bank statement to be a hard copy that is sent in the post, then use this to help you construct your budget. Draw up a spreadsheet and fill in all of your ins and outs in order to help you spend better and save more easily.


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  1. Shop Thriftily

Your next step is to shop thriftily! If you want to make sure your money goes along way, then you’ll need to have your financially sound hat on the next time you nip into TopShop for a quick look! There’s only so many clothes and shoes that you can afford – let alone wear! So, be wary of overspending when visiting your favourite high street outlets. A few too many spending sprees on a credit card can really get out of hand! The same goes for the supermarket. If you’re buying branded products that taste no different to the unbranded ones, then you’re throwing money away! If you don’t really mind the difference, the don’t pay it. It’s very straightforward! Be sure to take advantage of multi-buy offers, too. These can really help you save cash in the long run.


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Hopefully, this post will help you change your spending habits. If you manage to follow these five tips, then you should become way more financially sound. Good luck!