Importance of Digital Marketing

Going digital is the way forward in the branding and business development world. So what does digital marketing entail? Also how can you employ it in your trade? Definition of Digital Marketing Digital marketing embraces the promotion and advertising of firms and their brands in the channels of digital media. At present, digital media comprises […]

The Benefits of Becoming a Finance Affiliate

If you have ever participated in an affiliate marketing program, you already know that patience and persistence can mean generous profits. As is the case with every kind of money-making arrangement, there are pros and cons with affiliates. The good news is that you can eliminate the cons by being careful about choosing a partner, […]

Dissecting the Clever Wording Used by Realtors and Interior Designers

Perhaps the most accessible way of dissecting the clever wording used by realtors and interior designers in a bid to learn some great lessons in value is by watching those television shows where they’re selling a home, renovating, or any other reality show which perhaps deals with the day-to-day proceedings of the service provider. Another […]

Putting Some Perspective on Your Living Standards

So I share lots and lots of advice and stuff about how one can possibly go about stretching each and every one of their pennies and pounds spent, which is only a good thing I guess. After all, the cost of living is indeed rising at a rate which many of us cannot keep up […]

All they are saying is give thrift a chance

Can living more frugally make you happier? We joined the super-scrimpers’ festival to find out THE first time I went to a festival, I paid 150 for the privilege of camping on what quickly became a quagmire after a torrential downpour. Having forked out a small fortune for the tickets, my friend’s mother had packed […]