When Pinching Pennies Isn’t Enough

Over the past few decades, the percentage of the US GDP going to the masses has gone down while that going to the top has increased greatly. Previously, manufacturing plants were major employers. Now, part-time Walmart jobs and fast food gigs are some of the most common jobs. This has meant a drop in pay for many Americans and a need to save where possible. This means finding online coupons (e.g. https://www.raise.com/coupons/walmart) to save on shopping costs as well as rationing utilities. However, there can be times when penny-pinching isn’t enough to make ends meet. This can especially be the case when people run into unexpected emergency expenses. Here are some options that can help you bridge the gap and meet your financial obligations.

Take Out a Loan

While few people really enjoy being in debt, sometimes it’s necessary. If you have reasonably good credit, it’s usually possible to get a loan. There are several different options when it comes to accessing cash in this way. First, many people have family members who are willing to help out in a pinch. While this could change your family dynamic if you fail to pay it back, it could work out well if you pay it back in a timely fashion.

Other popular borrowing options include personal loans from banks, credit unions, and check advance online services. These will generally have relatively high-interest rates, but they work fast and reliably. Additionally, the use of credit cards can be another option although they charge even more interest than most personal loans will. If you can get a zero- percent introductory rate on purchases with a credit card, it might be a good option if you can pay back the debt within the interest-free period.

Offer Your Services

There are likely people in your town who have needs. If you can meet them, you could come up with the cash you’re looking for. This could actually be one of the best fast cash options. For example, if there’s been a snowstorm recently, you could offer to shovel walks and driveways for some cash. If the weather’s nice, you could mow lawns. Additionally, babysitting or dog walking are options that could see some cash flowing into your pocket in short order.

Check Out Online Options

The internet has opened many options for making money. There are many survey sites that pay out cash. While they won’t bring in hundreds of dollars in the next week, they can be a way to bring in a few bucks. Many of these sites will pay pretty quickly, as well. Additionally, there are sites that offer freelance writing gigs that pay out on a weekly basis. Unless you need the money tomorrow, it might be possible to have a bit of money in your PayPal account within a week or so. These could be great options if you’re in need of money in short order.

Get a Part-Time Job

Unless you live in a very rural area, it’s likely that your town has a few jobs available that require little in the way of experience. These jobs, even if they pay minimum wage, can allow you to earn some money that can help you meet your budget or pay off some emergency debts. This might be great choices when penny-pinching isn’t enough, and if you can start to build up a surplus of funds over time, you could really change your financial life by building wealth.

Finding ways to make money has probably never been easier. All it takes is some flexibility and creativity. After you start making money, you might find that even more starts flowing in your direction.