Dissecting the Clever Wording Used by Realtors and Interior Designers

Perhaps the most accessible way of dissecting the clever wording used by realtors and interior designers in a bid to learn some great lessons in value is by watching those television shows where they’re selling a home, renovating, or any other reality show which perhaps deals with the day-to-day proceedings of the service provider. Another way is by reading the descriptions on their websites, whether it’s directly through the website of an interior designer or if you’re checking out the various listings on a properties-for-sale site.

Either way, doing so will have you in on a whole new world of true value, or value that is closer to true value, because you will understand the clever cues they use to try and create perceived value, which they can then build on to charge higher prices.

Kicking things off with the bare basics, when a real estate agent speaks about amenities, for instance, you should pay attention to how those said amenities actually apply to you and whether or not they actually contain some value you can benefit out of. For example, does a little piece of the sea as seen from the property’s tiny balcony count as a sea-view that justifies an extra £10,000 on the price of the property?

If you can source wood imported from France yourself, via https://en.ducerf.com/products/solid-wood-panels-panoplot, what then justifies the interior design work to be done in the kitchen, for instance, going for about twice the price that you would have paid had you gone ahead and had the wood delivered to you yourself?

There are so many more examples I could go through, but the gist of it is that whenever you’re liaising with an interior designer and/or real estate agent, or any other type of sales consultant for that matter, listen closely to the wording they use and apply your discretion as to whether that justifies the value suggested or not. You can learn a lot about how to perhaps negotiate better prices or where to source some of the supplies you need directly, at a price that may even work out to be cheaper than that which has some kind of consultation fee added to it.