A Good Idea

Save money! Shop here! Discounts! Vouchers! Every which way a person turns there is a bargain. The question is, are there any stores or retailers out there that are selling at normal price? I no longer have any idea what normal is. Do you? I suppose I could slip into Harrods one day and see what some people are paying for stuff. What people are they anyway? Silly ones I guess, with more money than sense. But is Harrod’s closing its doors? Going out of business? Not likely! And like everybody else, they have an app for heaven’s sake!


They have gone along to their app developers and joined the millions of businesses that use an app to reach their customers. If you are interested in having a mobile app developed for your business, you can also visit websites such as https://www.expedition.co/services/design/mobile-app and just follow the trend. Well, my interest was piqued, I must say. I downloaded Harrod’s app and opened up the section on dresses. There they were. Dresses and gowns, they must all have been originals. A Jenny Packham going for the bargain-basement price of…wait for it… 3899!! Friends, I am not sure who amongst you could afford to pay that for a dress, advertised as a special, but if you handed over your credit card, or cash, and bought that dress, you need to stop reading my blogs, ok! 🙂

The thing about having your own app also appealed and as I understand it, anybody can do it. Jump on your PC and go to http://www.developerslistings.com/ and find an app developer that can put your name in lights. Okay, not lights, but in an icon. Even better. It’s not that silly either. You know how we develop a web page, probably using WordPress, agonisingly learn how to do it then finally publish? Well, what about doing it differently and going ape over app? I can see how hiring app development companies listed on platforms like Visual Objects
might be a great advantage to a business too. If you have a blog following, even then it would be kind of cool, but doubtful you would make money from it. Well, not from the download but maybe from increased activity on your website.

You know, if you decided to sell stuff on your website, wouldn’t it make sense to have an app on which you could advertise a special or something? I guess you guys can hear my mental wheels turning here. I wonder how much an app costs to develop? It’s probably a good idea to ring one of the best app development companies and check it out. To be honest, I haven’t a clue. I don’t have anything to sell but if I advertised my app for a download to the people that are interested in bargains, discounts and some hot deals, maybe that would be providing a service to my readers. I am starting to get excited by the idea. Looks like I have just convinced myself, so keep an eye out for voiceoftopcash appearing on your app download screens in the not too distant future.