Tengi Review (FREE messaging app with prizes)


“Download Tengi” my friend Amelia said “it’s like Whatsapp (our main method of communication) but you can win money.”

Tengi Review

To say I was sceptical was an understatement but I did a bit of Googling and couldn’t see any evidence of it being a scam so decided to take the plunge.
Tengi is a free app which allows you to chat with your contacts much the same as you would with any messaging app, the difference is you can win prizes in a weekly prize draw. The app gives back a portion of its advertising revenue in the prize draw and you win ‘tickets’ in the following ways.

8 tickets for each of your phone contacts who joins Tengi
2 tickets every time a friend wins
1 ticket for each day you use Tengi
4 tickets each hour you spend chatting on the app
1 ticket per week you keep the app installed

At each draw you stand a chance of winning 1x £1000, 4x £200 or £5 in cash or vouchers and obviously the more tickets you have the higher chance you have of winning a prize. I have very few contacts on there at the moment (I think many are sceptical) and have already won a fiver and seen 4 of my friends win prizes too. I claimed my prize in Amazon vouchers, for which I received my code directly in the app and had no problems applying it to my Amazon account or spending it for that matter.
It makes no difference to me where I chat with my friends and winning cash is a bonus. The app works perfectly well (you can check it out here) and is constantly updated with new features and ways to win. It is simple, easy to use and fuss free plus the adverts aren’t obnoxious or in your face – that is pretty much all I want from a chat app.

tengi review uk


Have you tried this or any other similar apps? Have you won a prize? Let us know in the comments below.