Public Relations Promise: 3 Ways to Earn Money from Home Marketing

Modern technology has opened countless possibilities for the modern employee. Many parents are now given the opportunity to stay home with their kids while still working. You no longer have to choose between family and career, so you can literally have it all.


Now you may have heard that telecommuting “work-from-home” jobs are fantastic and plentiful but you struggle to find one that can offer a competitive salary. Fortunately, for those with a college degree and a little tech know-how, working from home can be a as simple as logging on. Included here are a few ways you can earn money while wearing pajamas!

Mobile Outreach

It is almost impossible to see a young person without a mobile device in their hands. All eyes seem to be focused downward and on tiny screens 24 hours a day. So if your target demographic refuses to look up, how do you get their attention? The answer lies with mobile outreach.

Companies are beginning to realize the benefits of utilizing mobile outreach systems through SMS texting. Many consumers will willingly hand over their phone number in exchange for the opportunity to win something. This phone number can then be utilized by mobile outreach systems. Working from home can allow you to be the “mastermind” behind call-to-action movements for mobile business.

Social Media Management

One of the best ways to manage PR and work from home can be found in working as a social media manager. Social media management involves updating social sites, from Facebook to Twitter, to get the word out on your company. Social managers must be up-to-date on current trends and able to interact professionally with clients, so they may look at utilizing social media management software to make sure everything is in line and being used correctly for maximum results.

Often, social managers may be the first defense against consumer complaints and should be able to respond accordingly. Knowing how to diffuse a negative interaction and work towards resolution are valuable skills for social media. If you have people skills and a firm grasp of social media, this job can be a perfect income opportunity!

Blog Writing

With millions of blogs popping up every year, it can be hard for individual writers to stand out. If you have a knack for the written word, but lack an appropriate platform, working as a ghostwriter or blog writer for another business can be the ideal option. As with other options on this list, you can work as little as part-time in this area and still earn money!

Blog writers must have a firm grasp of the company’s niche and industry they are writing for. As a general rule, the 7-1 ideal must be applied, where 7 informative articles are posted for every 1 promotional. This means, the business blog shouldn’t simply be about self-promotion, but about information sharing and humor.