Being frugal can be fun: save the planet as well the pounds

MORE than 50,000 people are expected to visit the Festival of Thrift, a “fun, free and frugal” event where they can learn how to save money and protect the environment.

Where to find the bag that got away

If you’re anything like me, there’ll be clothes in your past with which you have unfinished business. I’m talking about the ones that got away — the fairy-print Prada skirt with 50 per cent off in New York; the Chanel chain boots that I just couldn’t afford; the Topshop navy pinafore that I could, but […]

Six essential facts about savings

The average savings balance is now £16,690 in the UK, according to Halifax’s Savings Review. People are also saving more: an average of £113.77 a month, up from £85.71 ten years ago. If these figures make you feel guilty about your lack of thrift, maybe our six essential facts will help.

A student guide to online food shopping

Doing your food shop online has plenty of benefits: you needn’t remove your behind from the couch, there’s far less chance of your stomach dictating what goes in your trolley, it’s all laid out in front of you in a marvellously organised fashion and you can compare items across all the major supermarkets on sites […]

Eating on the cheap

Whether you’re a naturally thrifty soul or a big spender, the amount we spend on feeding our families and ways to reduce that sum are giving us all food for thought.