New Years’ Resolutions That will Save You Money

It’s that time of year when everybody decides that they are going to make big changes to their lives, or for some it is a few slight improvements but the best kind of New Year Resolutions are the ones that save you money. What a great time to combine a boost to your finances with a health kick of some kind.


Start Exercising Outdoors

If you’ve been paying a hefty gym membership and not making the most of it then you need to change this. Either shop around for a cheaper gym membership deal (or threaten to leave your current one and they’ll usually try to offer you a discount!) or give up the gym all together and take advantage of the free exercise options like walking and running in the great outdoors. It might be a bit mild outdoors depending on where you are but you will soon get warm if you up your exercise levels.

Give up smoking


There’s never a better time to make a life-changing health choice and smoking has become an extremely expensive habit. There are so many alternatives and support provided these days to help you to quit from e-cigs, patches or even therapy, in the long term it could save you a ridiculous amount of money and more importantly, add years to your life.

Coffee Lovers – Take a Flask


If you’re one of those people that simply can’t function in the morning without a coffee then the chances are, you’re paying out a daily amount to get your caffeine fix. Whilst it may only be a few pounds a day, when you consider this over a number of years, it really adds up. A Costa can give you a timely boost but if you take a heat-retaining flask of coffee each da you will save yourself a small fortune. Don’t have a flask? There are loads of deals to get all types of Tupperware on sites like


Reduce your Alcohol Intake


Okay so a few of these are a bit of a kill-joy but if you’re making New Year Resolutions and you like a bit of a drink, this one is a no-brainer. You don’t have to completely remove alcohol from your life if you don’t want to but given the recent rises in alcohol prices, either moderating your alcohol intake or just choosing to have a glass of wine at home rather than in a pub or restaurant will make a huge difference to your finances if you like a regular tipple. If you needed an added incentive, make a record of how much you normally spend and calculate your savings. It could add up to an extra holiday each year.


Take a Packed Lunch to Work


Sounds an obvious money-saver but sometimes you really don’t realise how much money you spend if you go out for lunch or pick up a lunchtime meal deal. If you spend £4 per day, that’s £20 per week and at least £80 per month! A home-packed alternative could save you a packet over the full year.