How Can You Advertise Your Brand On A Budget?

Advertising is arguably one of the most important activities that businesses need to get right. It has the ability to draw in more business and make sure that you’re delivering a healthy bottom line. But on a tight budget, it can seem hard to achieve.

You can opt for aids such as affordable marketing solutions that could create dynamic ads for your brand and products with automated sizes to get optimized for various digital platforms and gadgets. With the help of such services, you can make advertisements through an available template or design your ad containing the ‘Call To Action’ facility. You can avail such resources by visiting websites like or consulting a digital marketing professional near your location.

Luckily, it is not too far-fetched if you use these five tips on how to advertise your brand on a budget:

  1. Exhibit

Although it can seem like a big outward expense to start with, face to face advertising at exhibitions has proven to deliver one of the highest ROIs as compared to many different marketing channels.

The trick with delivering a stand on a budget isn’t just to opt for the cheapest displays as these can sometimes deliver more harm than good if you’re disappointed with the end result – resulting in an unnecessary second expense. Instead, it’s about choosing wisely, such as from online retailers like Express Exhibition Displays. Check out reviews to make sure that your chosen supplier can deliver on your budget and expectations.

  1. Pay per click advertising

Online pay per click advertising can be a relatively inexpensive way of getting exposure for your business – especially for terms where you may not rank on the top page of Google for that term. Using search terms that are relevant to your business, you can bid for it as a ‘cost per click’, paying each time somebody clicks on the link to your website.

When on a tight budget, it’s best to start by bidding on terms that exactly match phrases that have a smaller volume or are constrained to a particular location. This will make your adverts highly targeted and not as expensive as larger volume terms – such as the difference between bidding on ‘flowers’ and ‘birthday flowers in Aberdeen’. Although it can be difficult to get to grips with this sort of advertising, it isn’t impossible on a small scale to see if it works for you. In a similar vein, you can also leverage SEO tactics to reach your target audience. SEO strategies can help your site rank higher in search engines. The process might involve keyword research, strategic content layout, Google Analytics, or other such techniques (you can visit to learn more about how to implement SEO practices).

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another form of online advertising where your adverts show up on other people’s websites. By giving them a small commission for enquiries or visits, you can increase the amount of people visiting your website as well as provide an incentive for your affiliates to keep raising awareness of you (after all, they get something out of it too!).

  1. Television and Local press

Traditional forms of advertising, such as TV, newspapers, and billboards, are usually used by business owners looking to increase their customer base. Companies similar to Samba TV can help them in their campaigns by tracking the exposure of their ads and analyzing the viewership in order to maximize conversion rates, by making sure that the right ads reach the right audiences.

The local press can also be used as an effective advertising medium. Many people and businesses regularly read a local newspaper and classified advertising starts at around 20. Better yet, if you can drum up a press release with a good news story related to your company, they’ll write about your business for free!

  1. Use social media

Using social media isn’t just a bit of fun, it can help you to reach your potential audience and engage with them.

You can use paid advertising to raise awareness of your brand and what you’re offering to a really targeted audience. You can also use take part in local activities such as ‘Twitter parties’ local to your area to get your business known in the right areas. For example, most towns and cities will have an hour where local businesses chat, or release special offers.