Fashion Trends –2016 Recap

A handful of distinctive fashionable looks have emerged from 2016 catwalk shows. From silk bombers to paper bag waist, there are numerous wearable fashion trends we can use to update our wardrobe. A wide array of wonderful hues of colors defines and adds a sparkle to the fashionable pieces and trendy combinations and make us mix and match various styles. Designers combined a modern and futuristic style and incorporated colors that really work together with the aim to create the world of happiness and creative exploration. Here are a few sets of styles that marked 2016 fashion trends scene.



Stripes still remain classical pattern and probably will never go out of fashion. This year’s fashion designers upgraded them by combining different oversized proportions, outrageous hues of colors and various textures trying to break from traditional style. They undoubtedly have a powerful appeal and deliver big on statement factor. So, be bold, and mix and match asymmetric, super-sized and colorful stripes and you’ll surely achieve a statement-making outfit.

Sequins and sparkles

Fashion designers decided to add some glamour to your outfit in 2016, by adding some sparkles, shimmering metallic and sequins to not only evening wear but to daywear pieces as well. From Tom Ford’s presenter Julianne Moor who was wearing a midnight-blue dress to Olivia Wilde who was in a shimmery Michael Cors, many famous celebrities stole the shows by wearing all that glitters. Sequins were a mainstay on every runway and they weren’t only limited to classical black and silver but were added to other colors like navy, burgundy and green.

Patterns and prints

Patterned patchwork and various prints are also key fashion trends in 2016. By combining microprints and patterns in bright vivid colors, fashion designers decided to experiment and create whimsical and unique bohemian style bringing the spirit of hand-made clothes and making us look like a world travelers while feeling cozy and protected. It is mostly exemplified by loose-fitting women’s clothing such as a maxi dress with various flower prints and patterns presented by fashion masters like Burberry Prorsum and Fendi.


This year’s spring collection brought an air of romance to the catwalk with all that lovely cascading ruffles and literally swept the runways. They were created from wonderful swaying fabrics such as suede or silk adding drama to an evening look and pulling together a romantic atmosphere. Since it was highly influenced by Latin dance, Spanish dresses and flamenco skirts, this ultra-feminine detail puts us in a festive mood and makes us want to dance during hot summer days. Alexandar McQueen presented a collection of dazzling dresses where he combined modern layers of ruffles with familiar beauty of classic Victorian look.

Exposed shoulders

One of the biggest and the most popular trends in 2016 is unquestionably a shirt with bared shoulders. From a high fashion to a street style, this fantastic design is wearable and easily adaptable to almost any outfit. You can look forward to wearing dramatic blouses and luxurious dresses which reveal your shoulders elegantly and expose your neckline. We can also experiment with some bold vivid colors or we can wear plain colors and add a statement necklace to adorn our neckline.

90′ grunge style

It’s a well-known fact that fashion trends come and go and come again. Some fashion styles once considered to be challenging and super-modern, eventually become laughable items of clothing and soon forgotten. However, this year’s grunge style of the ’90s was reborn and some pieces look fresh after almost 20 years with online clothing stores like Lychee the Label bringing it back once again with a modern twist. It seems that once again those chokers, Doc Martens and crop tops are rocking our world.