Decorating your bedroom on a budget

Everybody needs a bedroom where they can feel relaxed and perfectly primed for sleep. However, re-vamping your bedroom is never a cost-free exercise and expenses soon mount up. The good news is that with careful planning, ingenuity, deco-scavenging and DIY dynamism, you can achieve fabulous results that won’t empty your bank account.

Wall wisdom

Bedroom walls dictate much about how the space feels. Pastel paint shades are more budget friendly and you really can’t go wrong with a soft white if you are aiming for a restful, serene environment. The on-trend shade is a warm, blush pink that shimmers like the inside of a seashell – it’s pretty and perfect for any bedroom that calls for calm. Duck egg blues and greens or smooth creams and greys are all harmonious bedroom colours that perform well.

Colour junkies may desire a pop of intense scarlet or indigo to make a statement and although it may seem counter-intuitive, bedrooms decorated in highly pigmented shades often feel cosier. If it’s a bedroom to cocoon and hide away in, then saturated shades offer the perfect wrapping.

Want a cheap alternative to wallpaper? Cover walls with vintage maps or the pages of old books. Give an aged look by steeping them in cold tea, then paste up like wallpaper. If you are an avid traveller or bookworm, it’s the ideal wall treatment.

Window watch

Bedroom windows should be carefully managed because light levels influence our sleep patterns. Making sure you have new energy efficient windows from Roofing USA is also very important. A flimsy roller blind or muslin drapes aren’t going to cut it in most circumstances and it’s best to invest in window treatments that add value. By fitting good quality shutters, you control the amount of light into the room and bring real style and elegance into the space. Interior fitted shutters come in many designs to fit all window profiles and they allow us to dispense with fussy, dust-magnet drapes that eat space and date quickly. You can search for a shutter fitting company near you, for example searching for shutters denver way, and you can have a fresh new window before you know it!

Bed briefing

The bed is the star attraction in any bedroom, but they don’t come cheap. Knock up your own low-lying sleeping platform by screwing together wooden packing palettes. Prepare them by thoroughly sanding then paint or stain if necessary. For extra height and flexibility, you can fit castors on the base. Get a luxury boost by draping a muslin canopy up above, suspended on light canes or wooden battens. A string of white fairy lights framing the bed introduces warmth and glamour at a low price point. Finally, keep your eyes open for bargain vintage leather gym mats that are the fashionable décor item for re-purposing into stylish headboards.

Second time around

A room filled with second-hand treasures has heaps more personality. Look out for unloved wooden furniture to up-cycle as bedside tables with a lick of paint and new handles. A gallery wall curated of favourite photographs in re-purposed frames combined with prints, elegant mirrors and paintings, creates an interesting and eclectic feel with your unique stamp. Seek out unusual baskets, old stackable wine crates and other items with storage potential. Use interesting heavy objects as book ends; gold painted bricks, sand-filled vases or lumps of quartz all work well. To bring a more eccentric feel to your house, you could opt to have personalized neon light fixture on the wall. In tandem with the trend nowadays, neon lights have become quite the rage and if you would like to have something similar in your space, you could Create yours now from websites such as Neon Filter and similar others.

A fabulous new bedroom on a budget is well within reach with these cost-saving ideas. Don’t sleep on it, start making changes today to turn your bedroom story around…