Cleaning with Soda Crystals


Soda Crystals are a staple in my cleaning cupboard, they are cheap, effective and better for the planet than many other cleaning products as they are 100% biodegradable. Here are my top thrifty tips for cleaning with soda crystals.

1. Clean drains and sinks
Pop 3-4 tbsp of soda crystals down your plugholes (followed by a kettle of water) once every week or so to clear out the pipes and prevent blockages. Our kitchen sink has a very shallow bend in the u-bend (oh the glamour) and if we don’t keep on top of it can have a slightly stale and unpleasant smell. Soda crystals keep it at bay plus they blast away any grease and are much cheaper than calling out a plumber. Although, when it comes to really tough blockages, it may be worth clicking here to find a professional drain cleaner. Usually, a tough clog starts with a slow drain. You may want to know what causes slow drains. The reason behind this is the accumulation of dirt and other debris in the drain over a long time. Since complete clogs are tough to remove, high-tech equipment (including a video camera) is required to see the full picture. As a result, professionals (whom you can find by searching for plumber Rochester Hills online) with the necessary tools tend to become the need of the hour.

2. Keep your washing machine fresh and clean
Washing machines are expensive things so keeping them in tip-top, working order saves on those pesky repairmen call out charges. Around once every month I throw 1/2 a mug of soda crystals into the drum of my machine and pop it on a hot wash with a few cloths. This cleans out the machine, brings most gunk to the front (so you can scoop it out from the rubber rim – oh that’s a real treat if it is the first time you do it, I can tell you) and gets rid of any nifty smells.

3. Clean up pans and dishes
If you’ve been a bit over-enthusiastic when it comes to slow cooking your stew or have managed to get the fat from roast beef pebbled dashed across your dishes and pans then you will want to soak them in hot water along with soda crystals. I find liquid soda crystals* (which is a product I hadn’t come across until Dri-Pak sent me some a few months back) work better in this instance purely because you can direct the liquid up the sides of the roasting tray etc. to really target stubborn areas. I tend to soak for 3-4 hours but overnight is best for super filthy pots and pans. I recently managed to save my slow cooker pot from the bin after I forgot about a chilli con carne and feared only sandblasting would remove the kidney beans.

4. Remove grease from clothes
With Mr Thrifty spending more and more time fixing the engine of our camper van, he comes home with more and more grease stains. He is now more than familiar with the bag of soda crystals in the utility room. Simply run some warm water into a large bowl or sink, sprinkle with around 100-150g (depending on the volume of stained clothes) of soda crystals and leave the article(s) of clothing to soak over night. Wash as normal in the washing machine.

5. Cooking spatters
If you’re anything like me you end up with spots and dashes behind the hob, all across the lovely tiles. I found nothing gets them out quite as well as a blob of liquid soda crystals on a dry micro fibre cloth. Buff into the spatter, leave for 30 seconds to a minute and rinse off with a wet cloth.

Have you got any great soda crystal cleaning tips?


P.S. Items marked with an asterisk* have been sent for review purposes but opinions are my own.