Clarence Gooden is one individual to have greatly contributed to US railroads

The railroad industry in the US is considered to be one of the best in the world and one man to have contributed greatly to this industry is Mr. Clarence Gooden. Having served the industry for over 40 years now, Gooden currently serves as the President of CSX Corporation, a well-known real estate and railways holding company. Having joined CSX back in the 1970s, Gooden has been involved with several leadership and management roles for the organization, as also has he taken up operational, sales and marketing roles. Prior to being elected the president of the corporation, Gooden was also the executive vice president and the chief officer for sales and marketing for CSX. Today, Gooden looks to further improve upon the efficiency of railroads in the US by tapping into emerging markets.

A man who is incredibly passionate towards trains and railroads and one with unique work ethics, Gooden has brought around several changes in the railroad industry, helped improve communications between agencies and has also brought about cross organizational development. Under his able leadership, client communications have benefited a lot and have become more transparent. He is also credited for having implemented various innovations to improve efficiency in the organization.

A great leader and a talented speaker, Gooden is also frequently invited to address events and conferences concerning the railroad industry, where he passionately speaks about his love – trains and railroads. Gooden is one industry expert, who has seen the industry shape up over the years and he speaks about what the future holds and where the US railroad industry is headed towards. In addition to speaking at public gatherings, Gooden also maintains a personal blog, where he speaks on everything about trains, ranging from the history of trains and how they came about, the current economic scenario of the US railroad industry and the future of trains in the US. His expertise in this domain makes his works quite valuable.

Apart from achieving good professional success, Gooden is also involved with several other organizations and institutions, many of which are and volunteer causes and community driven. He is also known to actively engage in philanthropy and supports a number of organizations, including the American Heart Foundation, St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation and the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art amongst many others. He also serves as a board member for many organizations as well.

When it comes to the US railroad industry, Clarence Gooden is one individual who has definitely contributed quite a lot and that too, for the better part of 40 years now. He still continues to do so, as he actively looks to venture CSX’s operations into newer markets. His contributions to the industry are unparalleled and his passion towards trains and railroads can easily be seen in his blog and during his public speeches. A fine leader and a proud veteran, Clarence Gooden still works hard towards shaping up the future of the US railroad industry.