Baileys Vs Aldi and Lidl Alternatives

Baileys Irish Cream is a Christmas booze staple for many of us but there are a couple of purse friendly alternatives worth trying namely those from budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl but which of the three is nicest?
I invited 3 of my fellow Baileys loving friends round to taste test in my kitchen.

All were served over 3 cubes of ice and Mr Thrifty labelled them in such a way we couldn’t tell which was which. We wrote down our brief comments after a few sips of each glass, we had a small glass of water between each taste test.

Baileys Vs Aldi and Lidl Alternatives

Lidl Dundaglan Irish Country Cream £3.99 for 70cl
Friend A.) This is Baileys, no? Very rich.
Friend B.) It’s nice and thick in texture.
Friend C.) I like it but the colour looks a bit wish washy – did you wash your glasses?
Me.) Lovely and creamy

Mini Review
This tastes exactly like Baileys to me, if a tad thicker in texture but lighter in colour. It is creamy and has a lasting taste but doesn’t taste quite as boozy.

Baileys Irish Cream – price varies, currently £12 for 700ml in Tesco
Friend A.) Is this the Baileys?
Friend B.) Very creamy and subtle
Friend C.) Creamy and rich
Me.) Silky and rich

Mini review
Good old, never fail Baileys a deliciously thick and rich creamy concoction perfect for Christmas eve.

Aldi Ballycastle Irish Country Cream 70cl £3.75
Friend A.) Ok, this is NOT Baileys
Friend B.) Why is it so thin?
Friend C.) I like it and it is close but it has a bit of a bitter taste.
Me.) It tastes a bit like the ice has melted and it has been left to sit in a warm room.

Mini review
A little thinner than both of the competition but closer in colour than the Lidl alternative. A slight bitter and lingering after taste.

Out of the not very scientific and totally without a blindfold taste test, 3 of us preferred the Lidl and the 4th preferred the Baileys.

lidls dun dalgan irish country cream review

They all taste good but cutting it down to brass tacks for a review the Lidl alternative wins hands down. Even the friend who voted for Baileys said she will pick up a bottle of the Lidl because it tastes so similar and the price is drastically lower.

Which will you be slipping into your trolley this Christmas?