Automated Binary Options Trading

One of the more prominent tools that have been on the rise within binary options is automated binary options trades, which uses a blend of software and analysis tools to trade on your behalf. This differs from standard trade signals, in which you have to make the suggested trade on your own, instead making the trades that are suggested automatically as long as the parameters that you have set are met.

Currently, there are several automated binary options trading tools that are well reviewed by experienced traders. These include:

Binary Option Robot

Binary Option Robot is a great tool that offers a great deal of control and customization over your automated binary options trading. It is free to use, although users can also chose to invest in the professional version for a little under $80. Currently, this tool only works with one of three brokerage services, which include US-based ZoomTrader, StockPair, and TopOption.

Another benefit to this service is that it can be used as designed to place automatic trades or can be set manually instead. This is a great feature when you are first getting started in automated binary options trading.

Signal Push

This trade tool can be connected to a number of signal providers, offering real-time manual or automatic binary options trading. In addition to the signals offered, this service includes a listing of the top signal providers and their averages and trade information that is updated regularly.

Auto Binary Signals

For just a little under a hundred dollars, users from this service can see signals 24/7 in a number of assets and commodities. The signals offered through this company are built from technical analysis tools. When users from this service receive a signal, they have three minutes to act upon the signal given. Auto Binary Signals provides a 2-month money back guarantee and can be used with any broker. At the moment, this service provider does not have an option for automated binary options trading, choosing instead to focus on the signal provision that it is well known for. However, automatic trade features may be available in the future from this company.

For those who are interested in learning about Auto Binary Signals, a 5-day trial of their software may be purchased for about $5, which is great for investors who like to delve into the tools that they use before committing significant funds to a service.