3 Inexpensive Ways to Have A More Positive Impact on the Environment

Global warming is happening and we need to be doing as much as we can to help stop this by reducing our individual carbon footprint. If you’re feeling unsure or just looking to better understand what your carbon footprint is, then head over to https://www.cooleffect.org/how-to-reduce-greenhouse-gases-a-guide-to-understanding-your-carbon-footprint to learn more. Even if you’re still not convinced and are uncertain on your feelings towards global warming or the human impact on the environment, almost everyone is up for saving themselves some money on expenses they have in their life. And if those money-saving options happen to result in a better outlook for the world as a whole, that’s all the more reason to make some small tweaks in your routine. To help you learn how, here are three things you can do that will have a positive impact on both your bank account and the environment.

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Picking the Right Vehicle

Depending on where you live and your current lifestyle, you may spend quite a bit of time driving around in your car. If this is the case, then you have many reasons to switch to a vehicle that seeks to minimize its environmental impact, like the Ford Fusion Hybrid, as well as taking less money out of your wallet.

According to EcoHearth.com, the top things to look for when purchasing a more environmentally friendly vehicle are its fuel economy, engine size and engine type. All three of these variables can have a huge impact on both the “green-ness” of your car as well as the amount of money you’re putting into your vehicle. Be sure you do your homework about how your vehicle will impact the environment and your finances before you make a purchasing decision.

Saving Money At Home

Another area that creates a large carbon footprint while also being expensive is heating and cooling your home. However, making just one simple change can help to make your utility bill smaller while also using less energy. Michael DeGroote, a contributor to Deseret News, shares that one of the best things a homeowner can do is to increase the amount of insulation in their home. This will help to minimize both the money you spend on central heating and cooling as well as the energy you’re using to make your space comfortable. Apart from that, you can probably switch to more energy efficient appliances for heating or cooling your home. With more awareness of how our energy usage contributes significantly to our carbon footprint, there are more and more companies working to bring out appliances that consume less energy while doing the same job as the old ones. If you wish to make this change, you can consult professional HVAC or AC companies like Abraham AC (abrahamac.com/wilton-manors/) who can guide you on energy-efficient practices and also help out with replacing your older heating and cooling systems with newer, environment-friendly ones.

Going Green in the Office

Your private life isn’t the only place where you can make monetary and environmental changes for the better. According to Kate Harrison, a contributor to Forbes, there are plenty of ways in which you can influence your workplace to be more environmentally conscious, also resulting in a lot of saved money. Some of the ways Harrison suggests are using post-consumer waste, CFL or LED lights, energy efficient appliances and equipment and much more. If you’re a decision maker within your company, consider making some of these changes now. And if you’re not at the corporate level, contemplate talking to your supervisors about how these changes can help both the company and the environment.

Having a positive impact on the environment and creating a smaller carbon footprint doesn’t have to require large financial sacrifices. Use the tips mentioned above to save the planet while saving yourself some money as well.